Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Curious...

Why is it that:

I was recently looking at my facebook account and saw one of my friend's statements on Obama. (it's an older post from right before the election) -She stated: "I can't believe so many people are not voting for Obama because they are racist..."

and if I as a Christian, defend myself by writing back to her - "I didn't vote for Obama and it's not because I'm a racist; it is because he believes in killing babies for convenience - and that is wrong"....

If I say something like that to her - I'm the one causing the "fight" or debate/discussion - I'm stirring up trouble. I'm the one that is holier than thou or being so narrow minded or is forcing my beliefs on others. But she can write/say whatever she wants about conservatives and she is NOT the one causing the "fight"/debate??

It seemed like all my lib friends freely wrote on their facebooks accounts- i.e. these are some comments:
"I'm donating my space to Obama",
"Don't forget to vote for Obama today"
"Vote NO for Prop 8," or
"I'm feeling socialistic today - vote Obama", etc. etc.

However, I have more conservative friends (at least I think I do) and none of them posted anything. Which didn't surprise me since conservatives try not to cause contention. But not one friend said:
"Don't forget to vote for McCain/Palin" or "Don't forget to vote Pro-Life", etc...

Why is that? Are we, conservatives so polite that we don't want to cause problems - that we would prefer remain silent?

I did make a stand and wrote on my post - "I'm voting Pro-life - I could never vote for someone who believes in abortion or infanticide."
- and I still wonder if I was being "a big mouth" by taking a stand on facebook? Sometimes I wonder if I am"stirring up trouble" by writing this blog and posting what I believe -- as I am probably offending some friends??

So I wonder and ask myself as a Christian -
  • Should I be Christ-like and try to avoid a "fight"/discussion that I know really won't go anywhere (because not even facts can convince a close minded lib) and remain quiet, or
  • Should I take a stand and tell them what I believe since they were so willing to spout off to me what they believe???
So this same situation happened to my husband, yesterday. He had his lesbian co-worker go on and on and on to a client about how narrow minded and intolerant conservatives are, how prop 8 was wrong ,and she kept saying the words "my wife this..., my wife that......." (in reference to her lesbo-lover that she was married to in Ca when the court overturned the law) she purposely referred to her "wife" many times to just get under his skin.

Now my husband wondered if he should say something to let her know what was "right" about Prop 8 and everything else or if he should remain quiet? She knew darn well that he was a conservative and how he felt about these issues - but she continued to spout off her mouth. If he said something to her - he would be seen as the "one" causing the "fight"/discussion (never mind that she brought everything up), so he decided to just not say anything and let it go and just avoid the "fight"/discussion. And I think most conservatives would do the same. But then he said that he felt guilty all day, and wondered if he should have said something??? I told him: "Well, if you had said something and caused an "argument"/discussion, then you would have felt bad for that too..... it's a no win situation."

But I guess my real questions are:
  • Why should we conservatives feel bad for defending our values?
  • Why if I take a stand and tell people what I believe - why do I feel like I'm being a "big mouth" or "stirring up trouble"?
  • Why do we feel like we have to be silent or we are the "bad and intolerant" ones??

I don't have the answers yet....

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