Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Bunch of Sore Losers!

I found this site ( on a tip from Michelle Malkin.
Isn't it IRONIC - when we lose the libs want us to be good losers - come and work together, support each other, make peace, join them - blah blah blah - There are hundreds of photos like these displayed on this site showing us how we should all work together now.

But when they lose - It is a different story!!!

It is perfectly OK for the the anti-Prop. 8 mob block traffic, impede businesses, harasses elderly couples, target churches that encouraged their members to stand for traditional values and morals, target individuals who supported the proposition, etc. -the list goes and on.

Gov. Arnie tells the mob to not give up until it is overturned.

What about following their own advice of accepting the will of the people???

52% of California voted for this measures (just like 52% voted for Obama) -so it is time to stop the protest and for us all come together, etc. The libs need to make a website for all the anti Prop 8 people displaying photos of happy people who voted differently on prop 8 & how well we can get along even though we voted differently.

Why is it totally acceptable for the libs to be sore losers???

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