Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More intolerance displayed by the very groups that demand tolerance...

"ACLU, Lambda Legal and other anti-marriage groups have filed three lawsuits asking the California Supreme Court to strike down the newly passed Marriage Amendment as unconstitutional...

The people of California clearly chose to support the marriage amendment - despite the overwhelming pressure from liberal groups, California’s own government and deep pocket donors.

Again, homosexual activists will stop at nothing to force their agenda on us! That is what the ACLU and their cronies are trying to do right now - they are asking judges to disregard the clear will of the people!"

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"Is this the sort of behavior we can expect from leftists determined to push their agenda? In the video here, an unruly group of protesters opposed to Proposition 8, the ballot initiative in California approved by voters Nov. 6 that bans gay marriage, not only refuse to allow an elderly woman to speak with the media, they assault her as well. Near the end of the video, they grab her cross, throw it on the ground and stomp it.

New World Order minion and California gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger encouraged opponents of the passed proposition not to give up until the measure is overturned. It is unfortunate, obviously, but its not the end, vowed the governor during a CNN interview, because this will go back to the courts.

Is it possible Arnie approves of these sort of violent tactics in order to force gay marriage on the people of California who voted against it?"


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