Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prop 8 opponents hacked into LDS site

Is this a legal way to protest??? I don't think so...

"Owners of a Web site that specializes in advice and information for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints say their site was attacked the day following passage of Proposition 8 by people they believe opposed the measure.

Scott Proctor of Meridian magazine said the site was hacked into early Nov. 5, and its home page was replaced with "horrible, explicit lesbians films placed all over the cover." Engineers took the site down immediately after the break-in was discovered, he said.

"We feel like this was very specific targeting," by people who oppose the Web site's conservative content. The church's support of Prop. 8 has been among a variety of topics chronicled on the site. "We get hate mail all the time over this issue," Proctor said."


Ross said...

They believe that was the motivation...but their proof is . . . what exactly? This is pure speculation, and as such, utter fabrication.

Typical right-wing tactic. Lie by omission.

Gaylynne Coates said...

hmmmm.... let see - ever since the prop 8 won, what has been happening?

The anti-Prop. 8 mob has:
blocked traffic,
impeded businesses,
harassed and attacked elderly couples,
targeted and vandalize and disrupted services of churches, temples and places of worship that encouraged their members to stand for traditional values and morals (specifically the Mormons),
targeted individuals who supported the proposition (some have been forced into resigning),
etc. -the list goes on and on.

So let's see a mormon web site is hacked into the day after the passage of prop 8 has passed and replaced with "horrible, explicit lesbians films placed all over the cover."

This site gets hate mail all the time from anti 8 supporter over the marriage issue - Every time they post something about same-sex marriage, they get a few dozen letters with the same tone, similar wording, and the most horrible language and hatred.

So let see - you're saying that someone who wasn't a opponent of 8 hacked into their site?? That means that someone who was supporting the marriage amendment hacked into their site and put up porno lesbian images - THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!

It doesn't take a genius to realize that someone who was against the marriage amendment (prop 8 opponents) did this.

Is this the sort of behavior we can expect from leftists determined to push their agenda? All we have seen is an unruly group of protesters. Their behavior can be compared with a toddler's temper tantrum. Opponents of prop 8 do not have the right to harass and intimidate people. And they do not have the right to commit acts of domestic terrorism against supporters of 8.

America needs to see the true face of the homosexual activists who are intolerant against people of faith and anyone who believes in real marriage between a man and a woman.

"The peaceful marches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., are drastically different than the recent violent displays, mainly because King was seeking natural civil rights and homosexuals are demanding public endorsement of their unnatural sexual behavior."

People of faith have a democratic right to express their views in the public square without fear of reprisal.

Ross said...

You have no proof that it was someone either for OR against the amendment. Use some logic for once in your life. There are people all over the internet who delight in "trolling" -- basically, doing things on various sites purely for the purpose of angering people, especially easily angered, self-righteous types--like MORMONS. And who else? Hm...right-wingers, the ever "persecuted" christian, all of you thin-skinned we're-right-you're-wrong-we-get-to-
force-our-views-on-you types.

A tyrannical majority forcing their will on a victimized minority.

"Horrible, explicit lesbian films"--funny to think that the average straight Amerikkkan male would be delighted to stumble across such a display!


Anonymous said...


That makes a lot of sense - someone "FOR" the marriage amendment hacked into a pro-marriage site and put lesbo porn up the day after the amendment passed to show their support of prop 8.

hmmmm that's really logical! Thanks for sharing Ross.

g.c. said...

You're right, I don't have any proof. I never claimed to have any proof. I was merely quoting an article (more HATE speech from me).

I just asked if this was a legal way to protest????

The site assumed they were hacked into from opponents of 8 because they have received so much hate mail from opponents of 8.

Why don't you go to the source and write a letter to meridian magazine at tell them they are not being logical.
And tell them that American men love "Horrible, explicit lesbian films" - as again that was a quote from them.

g.c. said...

Ross -Please do not leave any more hate comments on my blog as I will delete them immediately.

I gave you amply time to provide something of substance... this is all I got:

You spew hatred against Christians for their beliefs when you cannot provide an ounce of evidence that Christianity teaches and promotes hate.

You deny facts about studies done about the homosexual lifestyle being a high risk of HIV/AIDS. Facts and studies by the CDC don't lie. Bury your head in the sand, maybe you'll be one of the lucky 2 out of 3 that doesn't get HIV/AIDS.

You state murder of the innocent is justifiable because "we had too many people on the planet as is".

You complain about your second class life that you have been forced to live but provide me with no proof of how any of your rights are taken away.

Your logic is so twisted: (i.e. people that support the prop 8 marriage amendment are hacking onto other 'Yes on 8' websites to put up lesbian porno. - I am sure that people that support a common cause (marriage) are trying to destroy that cause (marriage) - doesn't make any sense????

You haven't provided me any substantial facts of any sort and all of your arguments are extremely weak.

You tell me you are happy, but All you do is spew hatred. Find another liberal hate blog that doesn't have any substance - then you can spew your hatred with them.