Friday, November 21, 2008

Lawsuits will likely arise

I'm sure you've heard the argument from the other side: Same-sex marriage advocates believe that it is utter nonsense to for Christians and straight folks to be worried about our religious rights being violated if there is legal recognition of same sex marriage. Here's an article about a study on that very issue:

"The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has just completed a study of 1000 state laws and concluded that at least 350 of them would likely trigger liability for conscientious objectors, including religious organizations, should same-sex marriage be recognized.

Their conclusion was that “Legal recognition of same-sex marriage—whether imposed by courts or enacted by legislatures—poses a great threat to freedom of conscience that has been honored in this country before the Founding.”

They recommend that “legislatures amend state anti-discrimination statutes now to include robust exemptions for those with religious or other conscientious objections to same-sex marriage.”

They conclude that, “Lawsuits will likely arise when religious people or religious organizations choose, based on their sincerely held religious beliefs, not to hire individuals in same-sex marriages, refuse to extend spousal benefits to same-sex spouses, refuse to make their property or services available for same-sex marriage ceremonies or other events affirming same-sex marriage, or refuse to provide otherwise available housing to same-sex couples. This wide-ranging conflict between governments and conscientious citizens would take years of litigation to resolve, assuming that it could be resolved.” - excerpts from:

To read the full report from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty click here.

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