Sunday, November 9, 2008

Video documents infanticide

excerpts by Charlie Butt from - to read entire article click here:

"Kristen Hawkins, director of Students for Life of America, posed as a woman 21 weeks pregnant, seeking information on an abortion. She describes what the Planned Parenthood nurse told her.

"[She said] they're going to induce your labor. You will birth the child. It's going to be a very hard procedure for you," the pro-lifer relates.

Hawkins says she asked twice if the baby might be born alive. "And she said mostly no, but sometimes it can happen -- but eventually the baby will die, without giving him any medical treatment."

(She also stated)"It(the Born Alive Infant Protection Act)is so hard to enforce anyway because we know of cases of abortions just strangling the babies and then the babies die," she states -- then asks: "Who is their voice? Who is there advocating for them in court saying I saw you kill this baby? It relies on somebody in the abortion room -- a clinic staffer or something like that"."

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