Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The original "Yes We Can" speech

"Many of you probably remember the YouTube video that a bunch of liberal Hollywood celebrities put together during the recent presidential campaign, based on a speech by Barack Obama, called "Yes We Can." (see Obama's video below - if you haven't had the "pleasure" of viewing it yet) It featured a bunch of them singing (or chanting) those three words, over and over, while Obama gave a speech that seemed full of "hope" -- but was really just full of platitudes and empty dreams.

There was another man, 27 years ago, who gave a "Yes We Can" speech -- the original "Yes We Can" speech -- that truly DID inspire Americans to achieve their dreams, and the dreams of their forefathers. That man was my father, Ronald Reagan.

He gave many, many speeches; but one that stands out in my mind was the one he gave at his first inauguration, on January 20th, 1981. It was there that he reached down into his soul, and into the soul of America, and reminded all of us of our potential." - Michael Reagan

Yes, we can!

"It takes more than a pretty video and a bunch of celebrities singing to make a great president. It takes a person who understands where the true greatness of America lies.

Long before anyone ever heard of Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan challenged Americans to hope, to dream, to believe...

In themselves.

He brought change. He told us "yes we can". Except he also told us we didn't need government to do it. He inspired us with his words and his actions. He showed us that our individual liberty and creativity is what makes our country great not any government program...

Reagan was an idealist AND an ideologue. His policies were based in his rock solid conservative ideology. That doesn't mean he never compromised. But compromise is something different than standing on the same side of an issue with those who are supposed to be your political adversaries." (info from:

Obama's speech was "full of platitudes and empty dreams" about what the government could do for you and it is an "empty oratory of a politician who promises nothing but failed socialism in disguise."

"We are facing a real crisis in America -- not only a financial crisis, but a crisis of hope. That's how Barack Obama got elected: by campaigning on a theme of "hope." But the hope Obama offers is hope in government, not hope in Americans.

Obama, and all of his socialist cronies, are WRONG. As my father said in his ORIGINAL "Yes We Can" speech, "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government IS the problem"." - Micahel Reagan (see empty hope and dream video of what gov. can do for you below).

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