Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama is Scary!

An email from my sister-in-law... her perspective on socialistic health care from living in the Ukraine for a year and a half.

"I am wondering why in the world would you vote for Obama? Because of his charisma? There were a lot of charismatic leaders from the past that were extremely corrupt. He is steering our country towards socialism which to me is next to communism. I can say this having lived in the Ukraine (serving a mission for my church) a year and half and seeing plenty of socialistic views and communism. Anyone having a baby in a socialistic country can see the difference, health care is no good. You show up, bring the diapers, your own sack lunch, have the baby and go home. The doctors in the Ukraine knew less then the nurses. In the Ukraine you have to bring your own light bulb and alcohol to drink for the pain. As a business owner I can truly say we already feel taxed to death, he will hurt business, big time! There are such major differences between McCain (willing to die for our country) and Obama (hangs out with terrorists and socialist). "

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