Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wanted: Suicide bombers to attack U.S. Iranian group recruits young 'martyrs' to fight 'global arrogance'

I'm sure if Obama negotiates with this terrorist group they will happily stop their suicide operations to destroy America. We don't need a stronger national defense, I'm sure Obama's civilian army will do just fine in protecting us. And we are so tired of war anywayszzz...

Excerpts of article By Chelsea Schilling from WorldNetDaily

"A terrorist group is distributing flyers in Iran calling for young volunteers to join the Lebanese Hezbollah to carry out suicide operations against the "Global Arrogance" – also known as the United States.

The leaflets promise young recruits that they will join "fighters in the worldwide front against the Global Arrogance," the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, reported. The term is used by some Iranian officials in reference to the U.S...

...A group has been actively recruiting members in Tehran and large Iranian provinces for Lebanon's Hezbollah. The flyers are labeled "Registration for Membership in the Lebanese Hezbollah " and "Registration for Martyrdom Operations."

Anti-American mural on wall of former U.S. embassy in Tehran depicts Statue of Liberty with face of skeleton

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