Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Can!!

I finally found out what Obama's "Yes, We Can" chant means...

YES, WE CAN: allow the old, needy and sick in society to kill themselves instead of giving them the love, dignity, and care they deserve.(

YES, WE CAN: allow children to get abortions without notifying their parents. ( )

YES, WE CAN: expand research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (

YES, WE CAN: allow minors to cross the state lines for abortion. (

YES, WE CAN: use federal funding for abortion. (

YES, WE CAN: allow human clones to be created and experimented on. (

YES, WE CAN: kill of human embryos to obtain their stem calls, even though, stem cells can be obtained from other sources that don’t involve killing. (

YES, WE CAN: overturn commonsense laws for abortion like parental notification, conscience protections, abortion waiting periods, informed consent, and regulations for women's health. (

YES, WE CAN: make partial birth abortion legal again.( and

YES, WE CAN: allow babies to die that survive abortion. ( and and

YES, WE CAN: change the constitution to include the redistribution of wealth and move beyond the restrictions that the Founding Fathers placed on government. (

YES, WE CAN: appoint activist judges to the Supreme Court and appellate courts who would legislate from the bench. (

YES, WE CAN: redefine marriage to include homosexual relations. ( and

YES, WE CAN: help same-sex couples adopt. (

YES, WE CAN: ban guns ( and

YES, WE CAN: use your tax dollars to pay for health care for illegal immigrants. (

YES, WE CAN: give illegals driver's licenses. (

YES, WE CAN: allow illegals to take your social security that they never paid into. (

YES, WE CAN: waste more of your tax dollars on a "newly changed" health care plan that won't work. (

YES, WE CAN: move closer and closer to a government run universal health care plan. (

YES, WE CAN: keep poor children in bad schools and not give anyone a choice for schools. (

YES, WE CAN: teach our kindergarten children in public school about sex and homosexuality. ( )

YES, WE CAN: be hypocrites like Obama. ( and

YES, WE CAN: keep our oil prices higher and stay depended on foreign sources by not drilling in ANWAR and off shore. ( and

YES, WE CAN: be socialist and Marxist and spread the wealth around. ( and and too many many more resources)

YES, WE CAN: increase government spending by possibly one trillion dollars in four years. ( and

YES, WE CAN: use the same old-fashioned solutions proposed by liberals for years –tax, spend and regulate that lead to economic stagnation. (

YES, WE CAN: raise capital gains tax and slow the economy. (

YES, WE CAN: repeal Bush's tax cuts. (

YES, WE CAN: have a windfall profit tax - same as Carter did. (

YES, WE CAN: NOT support our troops. (

YES, WE CAN: falsely accuse American soldiers of "air raiding villages and killing civilians. (

YES, WE CAN: meet dictators like Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by granting them a face to face meeting without pre-conditions. ( and

YES, WE CAN: fight terrorism not as a war, but as a criminal problem. (

YES, WE CAN: down-size the American military during a time of war. (

YES, WE CAN: support terrorist groups like Hamas. (

YES, WE CAN: relinquish our support of Israel. (

YES, WE CAN: have a totally inexperience commander in chief. (

YES, WE CAN: NOT be proud of our mean country. (

YES, WE CAN: sing G-d d-mn America. (

YES, WE CAN: be racists and anti-Semite. (

YES, WE CAN: be anti-white and pro black liberation theology. ( and

YES, WE CAN: honor and support Louis Farrakhan who is racist and anti-Semite. ( and and

YES, WE CAN: be friends with former members of the radical Weather Underground terrorist organization William Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn. ( and and

YES, WE CAN: condoned terrorist tactics by Palestinian organizations with Rashid Khalidi. ( and

YES, WE CAN: take money from Washington lobbyists' spouses and hold fundraisers at the offices of law firms that lobby Congress. ( and

YES, WE CAN: accept money from criminal Rezko and write letters to city and state officials praising Rezko’s business practices as favors for giving us money and helping us to buy our house. (,CST-NWS-obama13.article and,CST-NWS-watchdog24.article)

YES, WE CAN: support and campaign for a radical Kenyan Marxist thug, Raila Odinga. (

YES, WE CAN: keep Chicago politics dirty by supporting the corrupt John Stroger. ( and and

YES, WE CAN: claim to be our brother's keeper, but only on your dime. (

YES, WE CAN: be the leader of the greatest country with only 143 days of experience and no executive experience what so ever. ( and and and and,CST-NWS-obama04.article)

YES, WE CAN: sing praises to our beloved Obamamessiah. ( and

YES, WE CAN: worship Obama. ( and and and

YES, WE CAN: be dishonest. ( and and and and and and and and and,1,7079399.story and

YES, WE CAN: interrogate anyone who threatens us i.e. ordered Big Brother to probe Joe the Plumber - State agency director authorizes child-support check on senator's critic. (

YES, WE CAN: do all this dupe the public and with the media's love and support and win the Presidential election.

A special thanks to Fr. West's blog for the many references -

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