Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now that Obama won, one thing is certain

Dick Morris's Prediction

"Now that Barack Obama has won the election, one thing is certain... he will preside over the largest expansion of the government's role in the economy since the 1930s -- with enormous consequences for your investments.

This "New New Deal," as some Democrats are already calling it, may well have the same result as the original one: to turn a sharp, painful recession into a long Depression.

Will that set the stage for a GOP president in 2012 -- the way '70s stagflation under Jimmy Carter set the stage for Ronald Reagan? I doubt it. More likely, Obama will be able to parlay the hard economic times into a second term.

How? The same way FDR did… by blaming everything that happens on his watch on his predecessors. The worse things get, the more the Obamacrats will blame it on "eight years of Republican deregulation, tax cuts and greed," calling for even more government intervention as the solution.

And the media, of course, will back them up."


News the the dems don't want to hear --

"And if you are an Obama supporter, don't be so naïve as to think that the world will undergo some kind of magical transformation just because your man is moving into the White House. Islamo-fascists are not going to suddenly embrace The Great Satan, world peace is not going to break out, the economy is not going to turn on a dime and come roaring out of the financial mess we're in, and you aren't going to be guaranteed a better job, a nicer house or a better life.

Contrary to what the pundit class would have you to believe, politicians are not demigods. They are not going to make proclamations from Mt. Olympus capable of turning your life around. Nobody -- not a president, not a Senator, not a Congressman -- is going to make your life better. That responsibility is solely in your hands, and nobody is more concerned with your life than you are.

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